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“Back to School WITHOUT the Headache”

Has your child ever complained of a nagging headache? If so, he or she is not alone. Research shows that headaches are as much a problem for children as for adults. Headaches disrupt quality of life from interrupting schoolwork to losing sleep. We often hear in questioning our patients, “I get a few headaches but that is normal.” This is a myth. Headaches, unless self-induced are not normal. It is one way the body communicates with us to tell us when something is wrong. Most headaches are caused when the neck vertebrae are misaligned (subluxation), which results in muscular tension, nerve irritation and possibly inflammation. The solution of course is NOT to take pain medication but to see your chiropractor to correct the subluxation. Don’t forget kids have headaches too and need to be checked almost as frequently as adults. Research in Germany recently identified headaches as the most common form of pain in children and adolescence.

Chiropractic Care Works

In a review of nine studies, which included approximately 700 patients with chronic headaches and migraines, chiropractic care was much more effective than other alternative therapies, such as massage. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments were as effective as prescription medications for migraines and tension-type headaches without the potential hazardous side effects of medication!!!

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself. Art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be executed, wealth is useless and reason is powerless.”
- Herophilus (Egyptian Physician, 300 BC)

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